Frequently Ask Questions

Can I trust you?
We have been in business more than 6 years, we are your reliable partner forever.

We have three domain names:



You can lookup our domain names: here: here: here:

Where can I download the software after I purchase it? 
You can download the software from control panel at any time after you buy it.

Why the error "unauthorized" occurred when using the software? 
It's because you have not authorized it from the control panel.

What's control panel?
It's the place where you can download the software and authorize your accounts. After you purchase the software, the control panel with admin account will be sent to you.

Is this software safe?
Yes, our software is safe and secure. 
To protect our source code, we have encrypted our software. Some of the antivirus software may mistake it for harmful software.
If you can't download it, try to change another web browser. If you can't use it, close the antivirus software and firewall.

What Platform can it work on?
It can work on all computers as long as .net Framework 4.5.2 or later is installed. It can be used on any version of Microsoft windows (both Versions of 32 bit & 64 bit), including win7, win8, vista, win 10...

Can I use the software on different computers?
Yes, you can. You can use it on multiple computers.

Can I get the lastest software for free after I purchase it?
Yes, you can always download the lastest from the control panel.

Will my account get blocked if I use software?
No, your account won't be banned because of using our software. Our software and web browser works on the same principle. The only difference is that You can use multiple accounts at the same time by using our software, and it can make your work faster. If your account is banned even though you work carefully, please stop work. They (the work provider) must be scammers.

How fast speed will it be if I use software to work?
It depends how many IDs you use at the same time, the more IDs you use the faster it will be.

What if I have paid for the software, but still not received the software?
Hopefully you've received the Confirmation Email including your software details by our Auto Reply Email System within several minutes after your payment. In case you haven't got it in time, it might be blocked by the anti-spam filters. Please check your junk or spam folder.
If you still can't find it. Don't worry, send us an email please. We will prove and send you software as soon as possible. 

If I buy software, can I sell software with control panel like you?
No, you can use software only. But you can't create control panel. 

I buy software from other people. Can I get support from you?
Only the person who buy the software on our official website is our direct customers. We provide technical support to our direct customers only. If you don't buy it from us directly, you can't get support from us.

Our software help Prabahkar earn much more than usual
Before, I can work with one account only. And it's very slow. After buying Data entry speed software from xiaoa studio. I can work with multiple accounts at the same time. I get paid much more then others. Thanks.

Prabahkar, a customer from India
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