Thanks to use 2Captcha Affiliate software developed by xiaoa studio, this is the tutorial below, please read it carefully before you use it.

System requirements:
VC 2013 redist x86 and .NetFramework 4.5.2 (or higher edition) are required.
Click here to download .NetFramework 4.5.2
Click here to download VC 2013 redist x86
Download the software and set up your Referral link from the control panel.
Open control panel:
Enter your control panel id with password.

Change the "referral link" option. Type your referral link, click "save".

Download the software
Click the link to download it.
To protect our source code, we have encrypted our software. Some of the antivirus software may mistake it for harmful software. 
If "security error" occurred when downloading software, click here.

The file you download is a zip file, don't open it directly. Right click on the zip file, select "extract to a folder".
Open settings.ini with notepad, type your admin id(control panel id) and save it.
Share this software folder with others. People can use the accounts registered from the software only. after they register they will become your referrals.

Start to use the software
Open register.exe to reigster account.

Open 2captcha.exe to work.

Add accounts in to the software
click "Add account", Anonymous http proxy is required if you use more than 1 ids. you need to resolve google Recaptcha if it is the first you use the software.

Start work
Click "start work"
If the backgroud of the label is red, the description on the label will work.
For example, the captcha is case sensitive if it looks like bellow:

Double click the picture to zoom it, Press "ESC" on your keyboard to skip if you can't understand the CAPTCHA. Press ALT+Q if it is not a captcha, press ALT+E if it is not English.

Resolve ReCaptcha
click on the match image, click "submit"

Resolve recaptcha image group
Enter numbers of the match images. If it is not a CAPTCHA, click "Not a CAPTCHA"

Resolve Rotate Captcha
Click "left" or "right" to rotate the image

Stop working
Click "Stop Work", keep working until the status of all the accounts become "STOP". You can restart the work by clicking "Start Work" after that.

That's the instructions of 2Captcha software, maybe you want to know how to remove accounts.
You can remove the accounts before you start work. Right click on the account which you want to remove, click "Delete"