Data Entry Software Premium Edition Details

Do you want to start your own captcha bussiness, like, and other servers? Yes, this software will be helpful to you.
The software is named Data Entry Software Premium Edition, and is called DESPE for short. It's all-in-one software. You can work with multiple accounts of different servers. Also, you can build your data entry team easily and freely, become a boss, let others work for you.


1. We will provide both admin software and client software. The admin software is used to manange your employees, You can add, remove and block the employees from the admin software. The employees can work by using the client software.
2. You can change the client software title, public a notification to your clients. Every time people open the client software, the notification will be displayed.
3. Automatically update when new version is released.
4. No trademark, no advertising, no pop-up messages. Your clients won't get any information about us from the software.


How it works:
1) Create real IDs from the data entry work servers like, etc.
2) Add the real account and create another account as the client account, we call it Client ID.
One client id corresponds to one real id.
3) Set up the commission, which will be deducted from the earings of the clients. You can also hide the balance which will be shown on the client software. Set up the client software name as your server name.
4) Send the software with client IDs to your employees. Seemingly, they work by using the client account. In fact, they are working by using the real account made by you. After you get the payment from the real accounts, pay your employees and take the remaining dollars.
5) Till now, these servers are supported:
kolotibablo [Client mode] (kb)
Pixprofit (pix)
Pixandprofit (pix)
Megatypers (mt)
Protypers (pt)
Captcha2cash (cc)
Captchatypers (ct)
Uploadcaptcha (uc)
Captchaocr (Human ocr(co)
Lookandearn (Httpinternet) (la)
Typethat (tt)
Typeit (ti)
Earnanytime (EAT)
6) When new server starts, it will be added to the software for free.
7) The Google I'm not a robot CAPTCHA is supported.


$3.00/1 month 
$8.00/3 months
$15/6 months
$28/12 months   

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Our software help Prabahkar earn much more than usual

Before, I can work with one account only. And it's very slow. After buying Data entry speed software from xiaoa studio. I can work with multiple accounts at the same time. I get paid much more then others. Thanks.

--Prabahkar, a customer from India

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